Only in Canada

The 30 Most Canadian Things That Have Ever Happened

Not exactly true, knowing that I'm Canadian (btw, it's an exaggeration that Canadians are too polite)

Pucklings favourite things are hockey, syrup and some Tim Hortans

Mmmm, I could use some Timmy's right now!

Meanwhile in Canada.I am not a fan of Tim Horton's coffee, but the tea is good and the doughnuts - to die for!

I'm not gonna lie to you. It ain't easy.

It usually just ended up a spiky blob on any art projects that required one in elementary.

I am Canadian

A pet beaver would be cool, my friends, family, and I are more of the dog owning type of people though.

Ha! (pinned by

I don't care how cold it is. It's Spring, dammit, and I'm sitting on the patio.

Canadian Problems

This ISNT and American thing. I always hated the beep test in elementary school!

Justin Bieber is a Canadian who has a hit song called "Sorry"..

Justin Bieber is a Canadian who has a hit song called "Sorry".-----I sure hope Trump doesn't deport him;

Canadians Invented It

Canadians Invented It

Funny pictures about Canadians Invented It. Oh, and cool pics about Canadians Invented It. Also, Canadians Invented It photos.