DoughnutMonsterTruck, Tim Horton's

Doughnut Monster Truck - Not food but somehow qualifies for this board. The reminder of donuts = YUM!

How to lose a loyal following?  Inconsistent service in key areas.  For Scott Stratten this was a triple/triple through the drive thru that isn't stirred.  Small things, big loss.  I've learned to sip my coffee before I drive away... same reason.

Tim Hortons coffee, a Canadian staple. They do have Starbucks and plentiful, local cafes.

Tim Hortons in Toronto ! I just entered the "TIMBITS.TIMHORTONS.COM" - Timbit Me ! - Giveway - CONTEST !

hockey season's in full swing & Toronto Maple Leaf Donuts are appearing @ Tim Hortons outlets in Toronto.

Tim Hortons

I'm Canadian and honestly you will never live until you try Tim Horton's

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