Great ideas for teaching phoneme segmentation. FREE printable and a free 4 phoneme cheat sheet Intervention ideas!

Our brun, dis-moi... slideshare of entire story in French

"Ours brun, dis-moi" slideshare of entire story in French -- kids love it in any language, but I wish the translation didn't sound so awkward compared to the rhyming original

Mots finissant par "ou"

Masculine nouns un hibou = an owl un toutou = a doggie un caillou = a rock un cou = a neck un pou = a lice un sou = a cent un bisou = a kiss un chou = a cabbage un genou = a knee un kangourou = a kangaroo un bijou = a jewel

"jean petit danse" (vocabulaire du corps en musique)

A fun French song to get students moving while learning in the classroom!- body parts