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Sweets From The Earth makes a full line of original recipe, egg and dairy-free baked goods, which are made all the more delectable by using only the best all natural, 100% plant-based, GMO-free ingredients. Bonus: You don’t have to be vegan or have dietary restrictions to love these desserts – any old sweet tooth will do.
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three cookies stacked on top of each other
Organic Medjool Date Square. There aren't too many people out there who love dates. And we get it - they're weird, wrinkly, dried up pieces of fruit. But, surround them with organic oats, coconut oil, vanilla, orange, cinnamon, and a bit of ginger, and you have yourself an unbelievably tasty dessert. After just one bite, you will never look at a date the same way again.
three pieces of chocolate with nuts on top
Dairy-free chocolate bars are pretty hard to come by. Most chocolate bars contain dairy, as does conventional caramel. Ours doesn’t. And it’s quite delectable if we do say so ourselves. But don’t just take our word for it – ask anyone who’s ever tried our Pecan Caramel Bar – it’s one of our best-selling products for a reason!
four pieces of ice cream and oreo cookies stacked on top of each other with green leaves in the background
A twist on the traditional Nanaimo bar... dairy, egg, wheat and gluten free with the cool flavour of peppermint.
three chocolate cookies with nuts on top are sitting next to each other in front of a white background
We think the perfect brownie should be fudgy, not cakey. It should have an intense chocolate flavour, and not be cloyingly sweet. It’s always delicious as a plain chocolate treat, but a handful of walnuts just makes it better. Butter? Eggs? Gluten? Most people would say these are essential for the perfect brownie. We say ours is perfect just the way it is.
five pieces of chocolate and nuts on top of each other, stacked in the shape of squares
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Chocolate Chewy Nut Bar. Watch out. These are ridiculously addictive. Seriously… once you start, you can’t stop. We tried hiding them in the freezer to keep them out of sight, but turns out, they taste even better straight from the freezer. More like a piece of fudge than anything else, these treats are about as decadent as it gets. They’re also delicious straight from the fridge, at room temperature, or even warm… flavour remains the same, gooiness increases along with the temperature.