Wedding and Special Occasion Cakes

SFTE Offers a beautiful assortment of custom Vegan wedding and special occasion cakes. Kosher, vegan, dairy and egg free as well as nut free or gluten free.
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three tiered cake with polka dots and stripes
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Topsy Turvy 3 tier Bat Mitzvah cake
a three tiered wedding cake with pink roses on top and ribbon around the edges
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Vanilla & pink roses. Roses are hand formed and painted sugar.
a three tiered cake with red roses on the top and brown ribbon around it
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Elegant & simple but still makes a statement
a white cake with brown ribbon and polka dots on the bottom, topped with a gift box
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Gift cake. The best present you will ever get. Also available in purse and shoe styles.
a three tiered cake with pink and black polka dots on the bottom, sitting in front of a white background
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Pink Tower. 5 Tiers of heaven.
two tiered white cake with blue decorations on each layer and one tier is square
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Peacock cake. Feathers hand formed & painted. Even better looking in real life.
three tiered cake with green, yellow and white icing
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Green, yellow and tastes great. Kosher, Nut free.