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An excellent meme about how technology can interfere with face-to-face communication today. This is a disconnect in human interaction that is extremely common in todays society.

This shit pisses me off! Texting and being on the phone is supposed to keep you connected but IM HERE AND RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! How does whoever is texting you deserve your time more than me? I have a friend that does this ALL the time!

This illustration sends the clear message that societies way of learning and communicating has changed.

If it hasn't already happened, all information and reading material will become digital within the next 20 years making hard copy books extinct.

This is an image of the information seeking of the past, which is a stark contrast to the information age today. The difference is that in the past, only tangible books were available, in which much effort was needed to find and read through, without the help of interactive guides, word find, or Siri.

An image of the information age of ages past.