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Samantha Freeman
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5 Drinks Proven to Burn Fat and Shrink Belly FAST

If I’d known these drinks before. I would have drank my way to weight loss. I’ve only recently realized the SIGNIFICANT roles of detox drinks and teas when it comes to losing weight. These are the secrets coming from models and celebrities who use such d

Coconut Oil Spa

Coconut Oil Bath Spa Recipe - Once a week for 20 minutes, soak in bath with cup coconut oil, 10 drops lavendar essential oil, and 1 cup epsom salts. This combo draws out toxins, balances ph levels and brings back balance into your being.

How to Start Exercising When You've Lost Motivation

How to Start Exercising When You've Lost Motivation Have you slacked off on your exercise routine? Maintaining your motivation is a very important task when are developing a healthy lifestyle. Creating a solid routine is imperative to maintaining your dis