Rock Pools of the Canadian Mountains.

Real(Mislabeled) - Pinned as: "Rock Pools, Canadian Mountains" - These are Natural pools in Huanglong, Sichuan China.

Canadian pride @Rochelle Weeks Heinrichs comparing this to the Irish ways made me laugh

Bit all true but funny none the less xD<<<Canadian pride -- ROTFL "You are excited whenever an American television show mentions Canada.

Good Guy Canadian Officer...

Good Guy Canadian Officer…

Funny pictures about Good Guy Canadian Officer. Oh, and cool pics about Good Guy Canadian Officer. Also, Good Guy Canadian Officer.

Canadian Snowbirds they suffered a great loss here in Great Falls, MT - they are mourned and remembered at a veteran's memorial by the river

Canadian Snowbirds by Mark Chandler - Canadian Snowbirds perform at the 2010 Wings Over Atlanta air Show at Dobbins AFB in Marietta, GA.

Canadian Snowbirds!

Canadair Tutor - Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), Canada - Snowbirds Demonstration Team Squadron), a. "The Snowbirds".

poutine is gross according to my canadian friend, jessica. how peculiar.

fries + gravy + cheese curds = heaven (and a potential heart attack)

Canadian Humour EH

We spell honour with a 'u' because it's ours