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an article about how to write a birthday card
I have to do this with Alexz! I can just imagine his answers...
a poem with the words unlearing urgency written in green and orange on it
an orange and black poster with words that say it's baby, the date is in
Pregnancy Planning: Ovulation, Conception, & Plotting Your Due Date
Our due dates are estimates. Here is a common chart of estimated due dates just be mindful that babies come on their own time. Congrats!! #baby #conception #pregnancy #damngoodmom
the child's car seat has been placed on top of an advertizer
a piece of paper taped to the back of a refrigerator door with writing on it
Positive Affirmations For Kids, Positive Parenting Solutions, Affirmations For Kids, Emotional Resilience
60+ Awesome Parenting Hacks, Tips and Tricks for Moms and Dads