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Simply Amazing � Reviewing the

I’m a mom who loves her techie gadgets, and I love a good cell phone.

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Monster High Freaky Fusion � Viewing Party and GIVEAWAY!

When I first heard of Monster High, all I could think about was “Where was this when I was younger? Monster High inspires girls to be unique by empowering them to embrace their imper…

boys don't cry #thecure #cure #tattoo #robertsmith

Cure tattoos can even be viewed as being a secret language between fans, with some of the lesser-known designs and fonts being known only to people who have ardently collected and enjoyed the Cure's music over the years.

DIY Loft And Alcove:

Complete DIY guide on how to build a loft bed. Basically a box on top of 4 posts with two twin beds pushed together on top. Such a cute kids room idea to save space :). ( girls room with a bed underneath also )