Lucille Ball in Pink

Timeless Photo of Lucille Ball in Pink.this is the prettiest photo I've ever seen of her.who says redheads can't wear pink?

Searching for how to create the classic liner look? If applying natural looking liner feels anything but, try resting your arm on a table and looking down into a tilted mirror.

Stretching Warm Ups

I miss ballet fiercely. I miss being able to touch my knees with my nose, do splits, feel graceful in front of a mirror, look amazing in tight clothing, and be flexible without grimacing. I miss that life

Pavlova's Swan Lake costume

Anna Pavlova's Swan Lake Ballet Dress with goose feathers, 1907 This is one very bird like tutu!


'Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion' - Martha Graham

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