Magical Chrysopigi

Crete, Islands, Greece, Viajes, Island

Agios Giorgios (near Sostis)

Ethereal, Greece, Literature, Dragons, Train Your Dragon, Kite, Dragon

The Donkeys of Sifnos

Donkeys, Young Women, 1970s, Greece, Islands, Donkey, Senior Girls, Island

Greek Salad, Sifnos Style

Greek Salad, Onions, Greece, Restaurants, Diners, Onion, Restaurant

Understanding in the Alley

Prison, Greece

‘Our’ Agios Giorgios

Loom, Greece, Islands, Buildings, Loom Knitting, Island, Wicker

How to Ride a Donkey

Greek Islands, Early Morning, Donkey, Greek Isles, Donkeys

Sifnos Caper Salad

Tzatziki, Hummus, Eggplants, Yogurt, Garlic, Dips, Salad, Bowls, Fishing

Travel Greece … well

Crete, Athens

The Warm Hearts of Sifnos

Magic under the Moonlight


Book Club & Readers

A Canadian in Sifnos in the 1970s

A Donkey and a Carrot

A Canadian in Sifnos in the

Easter, to a Visitor’s Eye

A Canadian in Sifnos in the 1970s

The Flowers of Sifnos in Spring