Sounds like something i would do, considering I HATE Crosby!

19 People Who Just Want To Watch The World Burn

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Sidney Crosby Cindy Crosby Criesby Cry baby

Pittsburgh "picktheirnose" Penguin Sidney Crosby needs to get the Mumps and leave hockey

Haha.......I cannot WAIT until the next game w/Sissy!

The Flyers play hockey for 60 minutes. Crosby plays hockey for half that time and spends the rest doing some kind of experimental theatre act consisting of comic slips, false tears, and mock outrage.

Suck it Drunkie

The Philadelphia Flyers And Pittsburgh Penguins Really Hate Each Other

Philadelphia Flyer playoff t-shirt for all those philly haters

4/18/12: NHL Eastern Conference Quarterfinals, Game 4 Pregame - Flyers Lead Penguins 3-0. Phiadelphia Daily News Cover shows Sydney Crosby as Cowardly Lion

Sidney Crosby is The Cowardly Penguin on Philadelphia Daily News cover (PHOTO)

CROSBY SUCKS . . . yes he does.

Crosby Sucks Tee Shirt - Flyers v Pens . someone should submit this to pat sajak (the flyer hater)