Agatsu Academy in Montreal

Agatsu headquarters located in Montreal, Quebec.
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a man standing in front of two metal racks
Squat Challenge
Can you Superman Squat? Call it what you want "Superman" or "Shrimping" these single leg squats are a killer. Can you do it? No shoes, grab your foot with both hands and come up in one smooth motion. Have fun and enjoy!!
a man holding onto a blue object in front of some trees and bushes with his hands on the bars
These 5 Fitness Attributes Could Save Your Life - Agatsu
These 5 Fitness Attributes Could Save Your Life
a man is doing a handstand on the floor in front of a ladder
Flag practice at Agatsu HQ in Montreal.
a woman holding a pink exercise ball in her right hand and smiling at the camera
Live What You Love
Essential Kettlebell Basics with Shawn Mozen Take an Online Agatsu Kettlebell or Take an Online Agatsu Kettlebell or Bodyweight Training Class. Get corrected live via webcam as you follow the class! Classes for next week are booking now. Register and participate live or watch the recorded session when you want. Space is limited reserve your spot today!
an old black and white photo with many pictures on it
Inspiration wall covered with our students, teachers and other people who inspire us to move.