Agatsu Movement Challenge

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Agatsu Moon Walk
If physical activity were a pill everyone would take it. . These Superman moonwalks are great for building some stellar single leg strength. If you can do a pistol squat, give this little move a try. . If you want to learn how to do this and a lot more, check out Agatsu Foundations online training. Link in bio ✌️🖤 . #agatsu #agatsufitness #agatsuatlantic #foundationsofmovement #kettlebellfitness.
Agatsu Moonwalk - Fitness Challenge
The Agatsu Moonwalk Fitness Challenge. Give it a try.
two people doing yoga in the grass with words that read fitness challenge partner turkish get up
Partner Turkish Get Up Fitness Challenge
Partner Turkish Get Up Fitness Challenge
a man is doing a plank on the floor in front of a wall with kettles
Fitness Challenge Rotational Pistol Planks
Fitness Challenge Rotational Pistol Planks
a person doing a handstand on a mat in front of a wall with graffiti
Agatsu Movement Challenge Week 14 - Agatsu
Agatsu Movement Challenge Week 14! Get ready to crush your #core with this weeks challenge ....."Candlesticks" Standing with your arms overhead roll to your back, legs together maintain hollowbody position as you roll to your shoulders and point your feet to the ceiling. Try to perform 3 sets of 20. HOW DID YOU DO? TAG & SHARE WITH A FRIEND WHO YOU WANT TO TRY THIS WITH.
a woman sitting on the floor in a gym with her arms up and legs crossed
Agatsu Movement Challenge - Agatsu
Agatsu Movement Challenge: Monk Sit-up