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Bullying speaks negatively of the bully, but tells us nothing about his victim. it is the opposite of honor and consideration.

No one taught you as an educator how to "fix" cyberbullying, because there is no quick fix, it can never be erased, but it can be talked out through communication. Sometimes teachers are the last line of defense for a child and although the teacher may not feel prepared to help a student on this issue, they must.

Free cyberbullying toolkit produced by Common Sense Media. Toolkit can be personalized for elementary, middle, or high school settings and includes resources for teachers and parents.

Even if you can't see their face, there is a person at the end of that text message. #StopBullying #TMYK

Cyber Bullying: This image really shows how many people say mean and hurtful things without thinking twice. Just because you can not see the recipient , does not mean they do not have feelings.

If you are posting anywhere on the internet be careful what you post. Once you post it is out of your control this includes Youtube videos which can easily b...

Show this and then have your class write a response on the video. The video shows the importance of protecting yourself online. do not post things you don't want tons of people to see.

Help protect your students from cyberbullying with this guide to creating social media guidelines in schools.

The best thing on my board, make sure its nice and kind, be nice to others and make sure your posts are good on any social network! Nervous about using social media in your school? Here's a guide on creating (worry-free) social media guidelines.