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Sheertex Lab Test 005
Cacti 🌵 Threat: Deadly Desert Pricks Verdict: You could climb a cactus in these. (Not that you'd want to.)
Sheertex Lab Test 004
Dumbbells 🏋️ Threat: Very heavy. Extremely. Verdict: Very strong. Extremely.
Sheertex Lab Test 003
Pineapple 🍍 Threat: Juicy But Jagged Verdict: Resilient against rough fruit and can also be used as a grocery bag, apparently.
Sheertex Lab Test 002
"Princess" The Dog 🐶 Threat: Fluffy But Frisky Verdict: Snuggle up all you want!
Sheertex Lab Test 001
Acrylic Nails 💅 Threat: Tiny Finger Weapons Verdict: Sharpen those nails. These are mani-friendly. Welcome to our brand new Sheertex Lab, where we'll be putting the resilience of our knit to the ultimate test through a series of experiments 🔬 What other wacky tests can our tights handle? Stay tuned for more 👩‍🔬