Inuksuk cultural explanation - Arctic Inuit Art

"Inuksuk" from Arctic Inuit Art - in the Inuit culture from which they originated, there is a wealth of symbolism and meaning to the inuksuk. In other words, this is not the sort of symbol to be taken lightly.

Inuksuk point, Foxe Peninsula (Baffin Island), Nunavaut, Canada - Ansgar Walk

Ansgar Walk - photo taken by Ansgar Walk Inuksuk Point (Inuksugalait, “where there are many Inuksuit“), Foxe Peninsula (Baffin Island), Nunavut, Canada

The Gift Of The Inuksuk

Many lives ago, a young girl in what would become the Nunavut territory of Canada builds stone men, called Inuksuk, to direct her father and brother home when they are lost in a storm while hunting caribou.