Epicure Fiesta Taco Dip

Epicure's Fiesta Taco Dip - Perfect for your New Year's Eve Potluck. This one is a crowd-pleaser! Great for the big game, or for hungry teens. Assemble and refrigerate until ready to bake, or make ahead and freeze. A fiesta of flavours in every bite!

Epicure’s Chipotle, Bacon & Cheddar Chicken Dip

Epicure’s Chipotle, Bacon & Cheddar Chicken Dip.an awesome dip and a few cocktails with the ladies :)

Epicure's Butter Chicken

I love this butter chicken! Our Butter Chicken, chicken simmered in a creamy, fragrant curry sauce. A traditional Indian favourite made easily in 30 minutes.

Guacamole Ole

Epicure's Guacamole Ol& I always add a little extra lime juice for extra yummy flavour

Epicure’s Jambalaya

Jambalaya - A traditional New Orleans dish, perfect for weekend entertaining. Make it easily at home!

Epicure's Best Bran Muffins

Best Bran Muffins ever! Make ahead and freeze to add to a healthy

Epicure's Thai Chicken Salad Wraps

Turkey Cutlet Tacos with Manchamanteles: With the right substitutions, you can turn anything into a healthy meal, and that includes tacos! These turkey tacos are packed.

Epicure’s Pulled Pork Sliders

Epicure’s Pulled Pork Sliders A real fan favorite! The Pulled Pork mixture is a big hit!