Shelley Stewardson

Shelley Stewardson

Shelley Stewardson
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Lacy Fuchsia Crochet Infinity Scarf

This Lacy Fuchsia Crochet Infinity Scarf will be a great addition to your winter wardrobe. With its dark, rich coloring and delicate crochet lace pattern, this crochet scarf pattern will be a simple yet refined fashion statement.

Rose Lace Crochet Cowl Pattern

his Rose Lace Crochet Cowl has a great draped effect, complete with a beautiful crochet lace pattern fringe. It will fit snugly around your neck and is the perfect but stylish way to make sure you stay warm this winter.

Lacy Wine Infinity Scarf

The deep red color of this Lacy Wine Infinity Scarf just has that indescribable feeling you get when you know Christmas is in the air. The crochet lace pattern also works perfectly with this scarf, making it delicate but also warm.

Crochet Minion Hat Pattern - Repeat Crafter Me

Crochet Minion Hat Pattern - Repeat Crafter Me - I made the toddler size and the kid size, both were a little small for my boy's giant noggins. I had to add a few rows to the bottom of each hat and one extra row of the blue edge.