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I'm a sucker for a beautiful school - UNB Fredericton

I'm a sucker for a beautiful school - UNB Fredericton

Pont Centennial Bridge, Miramichi (where we grew up)

Pont Centennial Bridge, Miramichi (where my parents live)

Bridge Across Miramichi River - in Miramichi, New Brunswick

Centennial Bridge - Miramichi, New Brunswick

With the introduction of the two-collar coin in 1996, the slang term “toonie” arose to signify a two-dollar coin.

The Canadian Two Dollar coin, commonly called the Toonie, or Twonie (after the nickname for the Canadian One Dollar Loonie coin).

Nestle Aero Mint Chocolate-pack 4 Bars , http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0007P0YT0/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_hyiEpb0XGGXYV

Nestle Aero Mint Chocolate-pack 4 Bars: Nestles Aero Mint Chocolate with peppermint honeycomb center.

Morrissey Bridge, Miramichi NB

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