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a bulletin board with plants growing from the ground
During our Growing and Changing Unit...We put seeds and a damp paper towel in a plastic bag. We taped them to the window and watched them grow!
the table is covered with flowers and other things
Making corsages and bouquets using nature - Only About Children ≈≈
a young boy sitting at a desk in front of plants
At the investigation station documenting their plants growth!
an image of bean and flower pots counting activity
Beans and Flower Pots Counting Activity - The Imagination Tree
Beans and flower pots counting activity
three little pots with grass growing out of them
Crafts | Disney Family
Grass people-- Science and spring in one cute package! Your students will love watching these grow. This would be wonderful to couple with a unit on measurement.
this is an image of our school allotment pack for the garden club and other activities
Image result for ks1 olivers vegetables
several pictures of people cutting flowers with scissors
A variety of activities linked with colour, for the Early Years classroom - from Rachel (",)
Exploring sunflowers and beans with tweezers... and fingers - from Rachel (",)
various plants and seedlings on a table
Happy Earth Day!
We are investigating bulbs, seeds, and roots. This was a provocation from our "Tiny Seed" inquiry. -Joanne Babalis (Blog:
there are many pictures on the wall and some jars with stuff in them that is being held by someone's hand
A tiny seed of an inquiry!
A tiny seed of an inquiry - from Transforming our Learning Environment into a Space of Possibilities (",)
someone is painting flowers on a piece of paper with acrylic paint and glue
Fingerprint Dandelion Craft For Kids + Card Idea
Fingerprint Dandelion Craft For Kids + Card Idea - Sassy Dealz
carrots and radishes growing in the garden are shown with their names on them
Plant Roots
Plant Roots - Includes 7 types of plant roots, description cards, photographic Sorting Cards, and a Control Chart.
an image of a plant with roots and parts labeled in the text below it,
Characteristics of Plants: Common Plant Characteristics | SparkNotes
This image illustrates the different organs of a typical plant (roots and shoots) which are relevant to the module because they are important characteristics. Each part of the plant is interdependant on one another. The root extracts water and minerals from the soil and the shoot (stems, leaves, flowers and fruits) is responsible for photosynthesis, gas exchange and reproduction.
several posters are hanging on the wall in front of children's drawings and pictures
Biljke i vrt / Plants and garden
posters of the parts of a plant and parts of the root.
three vases with flowers in them sitting on a table
Pretty Plants :)
Parts of a Plant ~ Nice twist with the roots!
A time lapse spanning 9 days shows the growth of radish seeds sprouting while their roots grow deeper into the dirt. Plant Growth, Plant Life, Spring Plants, Primary Science, Life Cycles
Time lapse radish seeds sprouting
A time lapse spanning 9 days shows the growth of radish seeds sprouting while their roots grow deeper into the dirt.
spring flower identification cards with free printables
Spring Flower & Bulb Identification Cards {free printable!} - Wildflower Ramblings
Spring Flower & Bulb Identification Cards {free printable!} from Wildflower Ramblings
two small birds sitting on top of a white cloth covered pillow with the words best seeds to germine with love
Seed Germination for Kids – The Results! - How Wee Learn
The how- to of seed germination for kids! What seeds are the best to use, sprout the fastest, and have the neatest root systems! And some great learning activities too.
there is a display with many items in plastic bags
Bean growing
Fantastic Bean growing project and display
a child is holding up a drawing with purple flowers on it, and his hands are in the air
Hyacinths: Kindergarten - beautiful and simple, can learn some flower vocabulary here too. Good for book called Bumblebee Bumblebee Do You Know Me?
two flower potted plants with cards attached to them
Poetry in Nature
Plant a Poem, Plant a Flower craft for Earth Day and Poetry Month
some celery sticks are sitting on a table next to an art project with red flowers
The Joys of Home Educating: Spring Celery Flowers - Craft
spring flower identification cards with free printables
Spring Flower & Bulb Identification Cards {free printable!} - Wildflower Ramblings
Let these spring flower & bulb identification cards help your child learn about the exciting life growing around them in the springtime!
there is a rack that has flowers in it and some colored liquids are in them
chameleon carnations - love this classic color changing flower experiement for kids
two pictures of plants and flowers with the words, plant seed to plant observation log
Erica's Ed-Ventures – Primary Education Ideas
Erica Bohrer's First Grade: Plants
the parts of a pink flower on a white background with names in english and spanish
Published Works
parts of a flower - hibiscus, good diagram for parts of a plant unit that shows an actual flower
there is a vase with flowers and scissors on the tray next to some sort of stationery
Flower Activities for Montessori or a Preschool Unit
Dissecting a Flower- Parts of a Flower- at Trillium Montessori