Two Mothers Remembered by Joann Snow Duncanson

I love this beautiful poem by Joann Snow Duncanson. It’s at once tender and loving, sad and joyful, grateful and hopeful. Mothers and daughters worldwide who live with dementia…

the albatross

I’m not sure where this poem came from or exactly what it means, but it emerged and took flight as a result of a prompt in a writing workshop.

once a dancer

This poem was born in February Like much of my poetry,it expresses and embraces hope and despair. A couple of people have asked me to include a reading of my poems, so there’s an…

we too are one

This poem wrote itself in a few minutes, as some do.

deal yourself a new hand

deal yourself a new hand

beware the king of swords and his queens

Detailed Tarot card meaning for the King of Swords including upright and reversed card meanings. Access the Biddy Tarot Card Meanings database - an extensive Tarot resource.

hide and seek

This poem is dedicated to hide and seek by punkie there you lurk behind the scenes your self disguised as her diseased watching replays reading prose plotting how to overthrow.

the sun, the moon and the star

Learn how to read the sun Card in the major arcana of the Rider waite deck of Tarot cards from Amanda Goldson, who is a Tarot Coach and Author and has over 16 years experience of reading and teaching tarot cards

shhhhhhhh: mum's the word

shhhhhhhh: mum’s the word

broken doors and a gun to my head

This is a dark piece of poetry. Like the joyful, tender pieces I write, this poem was born of the powerful emotions and unexpected circumstances in which I found myself involuntarily immerse…

even in prison there's space between the bars

quarantine a short poem by punkie fearful others choke and smother the right to seek and find destroy fine art and break our hearts with papers long.

keeping your cool in the face of complete and utter insanity is easier than you think

I once wrote a poem instead of screaming out loud. It’s well known that seemingly crazy behaviour is more often than not a rational res…

small joys r/hide up on the shelf

small joys r/hide up on the shelf - Amazing Susan