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Cocktail Recipe | The Sheringham G&T
It's #NationalGinandTonicDay! Join us in raising a glass to this dynamic duo with a cocktail classic — The Sheringham G&T. ⁠#MakeItASheringham #GinAndTonicDay #GinAndTonic #GandT #CocktailRecipe #GinAndTonicDay2024 #DrinkRecipe #G&T #GinAndTonicRecipe #GandTRecipe
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Orange County G&T | Sheringham Distillery
A light and fresh gin and tonic, with oceanic salinity and bright citrus. 🧡🍊 ORANGE COUNTY G&T: 1 oz Sheringham Seaside Gin, 0.75 oz Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth, 0.25 oz Fino Sherry, 6.5 oz Fentimans Valencian Orange Tonic (1 bottle). METHOD: Build all ingredients over ice into Copa Glass (Stemmed Balloon Glass), add ice and orange wedge, 3 olives on a pick to garnish.
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White Lady | Sheringham Distillery
A frothy, citrusy, and refreshing gin sour! 🍋 We love this rendition of a White Lady cocktail. Perfect for cooling down and enjoying the summer heat. | WHITE LADY: 1 1/2 oz Sheringham Seaside Gin, 1/2 oz Orange Curacao, 3/4 oz Lemon Juice, 1/2 oz Simple Syrup, 1 oz Egg White. METHOD: Add all ingredients into a shaker tin, dry shake, wet shake, fine strain into rocks glass over ice.
a bottle of sheongham gin next to a glass filled with ice and lemon wedges
Making Waves | Sheringham Distillery
We're enjoying this ultra refreshing spin on a Negroni. 🤍 Bitter, spiritforward, and a bit fruity as you'd expect from a Negroni, with a touch of brininess and floralness that makes it 100% Sheringham. Simply delicious. | 🌊 MAKING WAVES: 1 oz Seaside Gin, 1 oz Luxardo Bitter Bianco, ¼ oz Fino Sherry, ¾ oz White Port. METHOD: Add all ingredients into mixing tin, add ice, stir, chill and dilute. Single strain over rocks. Garnish with lemon twist.