New Logo for Olive Garden

Before & After: Olive Garden's New Logo — The Dieline - Package Design Resource

Netflix New Logo (2014)

You! Be Informed! #0062 – Netflix Unveils a New Logo

Contemporary design borrows from classical design ideas, and present day graphic designers are re-inventing the classical art!

Visa New Logo (2014)

Visa New Logo (2014)

PayPal New Logo (2014)

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Netgear New Logo (2014)

These are the Companies Fighting President Trump's Efforts to Stop Terrorist Attacks

Yahoo New Logo (2014)

After 30 days of teasing, Yahoo has finally unveiled its new logo, and it’s not what you’d expect. Here’s how Yahoo’s logo redesign came together.

Lipton New Logo (2014)

Redesigned: Lipton gets more Lens Flares

Marriott Hotel New Logo (2014)

Want a hotel jobs with Marriott Hotels? The hotel chain hires students and graduates in numerous roles and offers flexible jobs. Find out about Marriott hotel job & apply today

Wow. Google changed their logo... no one even noticed. Honestly, I call it logo fixing.

Screentendo Turns Screenshots Into a Playable Super Mario Level

New Reebok logo. (2014)

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Rear projection films are paper-thin projection surfaces with integrated application adhesive for installation on glass and acrylic surfaces.

Black + Decker new logo (2014)

Black + Decker new logo

The Oscars New Logo (2014)

The Oscars New Logo (2014)