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a poster for the word of the day, oprobrium with a man in a suit surrounded by hands
Word of the Day: Opprobrium
The #WordOfTheDay is ‘opprobrium.’
the words redux are in front of an image of three snowmen floating on top of each other
Word of the Day: Redux
an ad for the word of the day laconic using or involving a minimium of words
Word of the Day: Laconic
a poster with the words collide to inspire or plot
Words We Like
Words We Like - Writers Write
a cat sitting on top of a pile of rocks with the words, word of the day
a poster for the word of the day dander with an image of a gorilla yawning
Word of the Day: Dander
an image with the words anatoplogy in it
antapology (English from Latin)
the words co - morrbidity are written in white on a blue background
Word of the Day (co-morbidity)-03MAY20 - Editorial Words
a black and white photo with the words subfussous in it's center
a poster for the word of the day bloviate
Word of the Day: Bloviate
'Bloviate' is the #WordOfTheDay #language #LanguageLearning #MerriamWebster #dictionary #vocabulary
'Oblivion' is the #WordOfTheDay #language #LanguageLearning #MerriamWebster #dictionary #vocabulary English Grammar
Word of the Day: Oblivion
'Oblivion' is the #WordOfTheDay #language #LanguageLearning #MerriamWebster #dictionary #vocabulary
a cat laying on top of a pile of toilet paper with the words word of the day
Word of the Day: Wreak
a chalkboard with the words epithet written on it and an image of a speech
Word of the Day: Epithet
an advertisement for the word of the day with a photo of a man holding a trumpet
Word of the Day: Trenchant