#Epicure Blondies—perfectly-portioned sweet treat #portioncontrol

Blondies—perfectly-portioned sweet treat portioncontrol with Epicure's Petite Pan

Peppermint Matcha Hot Chocolate Brownies! | 100 percentcommitted

Peppermint Matcha Hot Chocolate Brownies!

I was asked to create a treat for our Epicure team meeting tonight using this months customer special, Epicure’s delicious Peppermint matcha hot chocolate!

#Epicure Easy Pad Thai

#Epicure Easy Pad Thai

Wasabi Ginger Lettuce Wraps #goodfoodrealfast #eatclean

Wasabi Ginger Lettuce Wraps Make in the Square Steamer with Asian Stir-Fry Seasoning and Sesame Ginger Dressing and top with Wasabi Ginger Aioli. Day Fix Sesame Chicken)

Sushi Bites #goodfoodrealfast #sushi

Sushi bites With an Epicure Perfect Petites mold no tricky sushi rolling is needed!

Hold the Kahlua Chocolate Smoothie

Definitely better than a morning coffee and with a fudgy, chocolatey kick. Now that’s the way to start a good day. Freeze almond milk as ice cubes ahead of time to help keep the smoothie icy cold when blending and provide a thicker consistency.

No-Dye Red Velvet Cupcakes

No artificial dyes here—these cupcakes get their luscious red colour from beets. A healthier frosting ups the crave-worthy factor.