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Shopify POS: Best Point of Sale System & Retail POS for Small Business
Shopify POS, which will provide faster, simpler and efficient checkout methods. Contouring your checkout, creating unforgettable client experiences and consistent deals and sales either its in-stores or online. Shopify Inventory Management enables you to outline, style and print your own barcode label. At the Front till you can take advantage with fast and efficient scan and transactions process. #ShopifyPOS #shopifyposinventorymanagement #shopifypossetup #ecommerce #st
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How to Use Account Receivable that Drives a Lot of Sales
When a company sold goods or services, it has the right to receive certain amounts of cash known as accounts receivable (AR). It is simply a fund owed by a consumer to the company for the rendered services. When funds are not yet collected, it will always be a company’s asset on the balance sheet unless the AR is created and a sale is transacted. The revenue gets in the point then. #AccountReceivable #revenue #sales #ShopifyPOS #ecommerce #startup #WordPress #WooComm
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Price Quotation: Tactics to grab your Customer’s Attention
Before customers make a purchase, they would typically request for a price quotation. Sales quotes are used not just to let a potential buyer know the price of the goods but also to help sellers develop new business relations. How you set your prices can make a big impact on the products you sell. #ecommerce #Quotation #Shopifystockmanager
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Consignment: How to Create a Win-win Partnership
Out of budget but want to fill up the shelves with new products? Consider consignment! A consignment is simply an act of consigning. It’s a matter of sending goods to another person for the purpose of sale. Though the ownership of the goods remains with the sender, he or she is not receiving any pay unless the items are sold. #Consignment #ShopifyPOS
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Top 10 Reasons for Barcode Labeling
Take a walk in your favorite physical store, have you noticed barcode labeling in all products? Barcodes are everywhere. But they become neglected every time we shop. Read on and find out their real purpose! Why Barcode Exists 1. It is lucrative. Barcodes are commonly used for identifying products automatically. It offers speedy recognition and extremely fast implementation of data. #Barcodelabeling #barcodemaker #Shopifystockmanager #ecommerce #startup #WordPres
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How to Track Business Analytics with POS Comprehensive Reporting
Knowing what you are getting yourself into as a business owner is important. You have to weigh things to see what works and what does not. You gather all the data available to back up your company’s visions. What you do is already a business analytics. Business analytics allows you to check all information for profits. By analyzing collected data, you understand what’s best for the business. #reporting #ShopifyPOS #SooPOS
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What is Inventory Management and Why is it Important in your Business
What effects does a poor inventory management have on a business? A lot! It can decrease employee productivity, sales and warehouse arrangement. It can also create inaccuracies, delays and sometimes, a failure in business. Shocking, isn’t it? You can only prevent such distressing poor inventory consequences if you are good at managing the field. #InventoryManagement #Shopifystockmanager #SooPOS
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SooPOS: Your Partner in Excelling Digital Channels
While retail management is making a fabulous growth in the economy, technology and software certainly become very influential in associating digital age. Technology makes everything advanced and software is used for enhancing specific operations. SooPOS came out to make POS systems in Shopify platforms run fast, easy and effective. #ShopifyPOS #Shopifystockmanager
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How to Create Memorable Customer Experiences like No Other
Do you know how to make customers stay for long? Deliver that ‘wow’ factor! You can only do that if you stop focusing too much on your marketing schemes. Building your selling tactics is good, for sure. But, spending too much on that will certainly make the most important thing out of sight – customers. A business without customers is like a boat in the land - it serves no purpose. #ShopifyCRM #ShopifyPOS