Printed Tote Bags

100% Cotton, Screen Printed Tote Bags celebrating Black womanhood. Made with eco-friendly water-based ink.
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Angela Davis Tote Bag laid flat with books coming out of the bag, a camera, and a cat lying down beside the bag. Inside Angela Davis' hair there is a quote by her: "you have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time". This screen printed tote bag was handmade with love by TAKEUPSPACE, a black woman-owned business. Printed Tote Bags, Cotton Tote Bags, Web Canvas, Angela Davis, Bags Aesthetic, Water Based Ink, Heavy Cotton, Screen Printing
Angela Davis Tote Bag by TAKEUPSPACE
Screen Printed Tote Bag with quote by Angela Davis. Screen printed by hand with water-based ink | tote bag aesthetic, Angela Davis, Angela Davis Tote Bag, cotton tote bag
Black tote bag hanging on a wooden hook with the definition of the word "reparations" on it. The definition reads: "the making of amends for wrong or injury. Pay me what you owe me." The tote bag is screen printed by TAKEUPSPACE, a black woman owned business. Canvas Bag, Mahalia Jackson, Black Canvas, White Ink, Black Tote Bag
Reparations Definition Tote Bag by TAKEUPSPACE
Black tote bag with the definition of "reparations". Screen printed by hand, with love | cotton tote bag, screen printed tote bag
Toni Morrison tote bag hanging on a wooden hook. In Toni Morrison's hair, there is a quote by her: "you don't have to love me but you damn hell have to respect me". The tote bag was screen printed by hand by TAKEUPSPACE, a black woman owned business in Canada. Donna Summer, Summer Of Love, Toni Morrison, Black Girl Aesthetic, Black Girl Fashion
Toni Morrison Tote Bag Screen Printed
Toni Morrison tote bag screen printed by hand | tote bag aesthetic, black girl aesthetic, black girl fashion
Black tote bag with quote by June Jordan, a Jamaican-American poet. The quote reads "We are the ones we have been waiting for" with an image of a sunset over the water in the centre. American Poets, Tote Bags Handmade, We Are The Ones, Whitney Houston
June Jordan Tote Bag Screen Printed
Tote bag with quote from Jamaican-American poet June Jordan | screen printed tote bag, cotton tote bag, handmade tote bag
A screen printed tote bag of Audre Lorde hanging on a wooden hook. The bag reads "without community, there is no liberation". Created by TAKEUPSPACE, a black woman owned business celebrating black womanhood. Audre Lorde, The Wiz
Audre Lorde Tote Bag Screen Printed
Screen printed tote bag of Audre Lorde, handmade with love | tote bag aesthetic, cotton tote bag, printed tote bag
Save Life, Black Women, Prints, Screen Printing Press, Silk Screen Printing
Black Women Save Lives | Screen Printed Tote Bag by TAKEUPSPACE