Comeback Sauce. Once you make this, you will always keep a jar in your fridge. It goes with EVERYTHING. Even if you’ve never heard the name, you probably know it, too. The sauce that’s served by the steak house chain made famous by the onions that bloom.

Comeback Sauce

Comeback Sauce in a mason jar. (Outback Steakhouse blooming Onion Dip) they say once you make this, you will always keep a jar in your fridge. I love the outback sauce!

Epicurious Not-So-Secret Sauce

Not-So-Secret Sauce

Our ideal secret sauce for burgers is a carefully balanced, creamy blend with just enough acid, spice, smokiness, and sweetness.

Voici une solution pour reproduire à domicile une recette très similaire à celle de l'excellente sauce Sud-Ouest de chez Subway!

Subway: Sauce Sud-Ouest Adobo

Subway Chipotle Southwest Sauce ive been looking for this forever! **added 2 drops (about tsp) spicy brown mustard and more ground Chipotle + tsp

trempette à l'ail - Recette du Québec (Possibilité de remplacer la crème sure, par du yogourt grec nature)

WORST Food to Prevent Gas: Crudite Platter - The Best and Worst Foods to Eat on Your Wedding Day - Shape Magazine - Page 8

Seafood Sauce - In the Kitchen with Stefano Faita

Seafood Sauce

This is the wonderfully zippy red sauce always served with a prawn cocktail when I was a child growing up in California: Tangy Seafood Cocktail Sauce

Recette Sauce Brune du Kentucky

Recette Sauce Brune du Kentucky

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