Shrestha Shukla

Shrestha Shukla

Shrestha Shukla
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She's so perfect!!! I love her so much!!!! She's amazing, beautiful, and so much more!!!!! I hate the fact that she gets put down and hated on so much!! She doesn't deserve any of it!!!!!

They've literally never posted anything that I didn't adore. They're super fast at finding exacts, have adorable inspired-by posts, and are the sweetest girls alive.

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It doesn't make sense!!!! She doesn't deserve hate!!!! She is an amazing and beautiful person on the in side and out!!!!! Love her so much!! Wish I could help her or something but unfortunately I cant:/ I honestly don't understand people these days!! well Eleanor I hope u see this cuz I mean every word!!:) love u lots! -Sammie (DONT REPIN PLEASE)

Eleanor is just a normal girl, she is sooo gorgeous smart and soo amazing She doesn't deserve any hate! Love you El xx>>>>sooo true, she doesn't deserve hate!

El❤️ :)

you may have your opinions but i bet she is a far better person than any of you haters are! in fact i hope to be like her! pretty, smart and nice.