Gr. 1 Science - Needs of Plants and Animals

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Books in our library for Alberta Grade 1 Science: Needs of Plants and Animals
Do bears have mothers too? by Aileen Lucia Fisher - ANIMAL YOUNG (POEMS)

by Aileen Lucia Fisher, Crowell edition, in English

The Story Of Rosy Dock - INVASIVE SPECIES

The Story of Roxy Dock by Jeannie Baker. The plant rosy dock is not native to Australia. A newcomer who settled in the desert area of central Australia planted it in her garden.

Whose Nest Is This?

Posts about animal characteristics on There's a Book for That

Sweet Dreams: How Animals Sleep

Sweet Dreams: How Animals Sleep. Recommended books and expert read-aloud tips for preschoolers and parents.

Polar Bears

Seedlings: Polar Bears: A kindergarten-level introduction to polar bears, covering their growth process, behaviors, their Arctic home, and such defining features as their all-white fur.