Victoria Park

Beautiful Christmas, Shutter, Christmas Lights, Ontario, Victoria, Canada, Christmas Rope Lights, Plantation Shutter, Blinds

Best Seat in the House

Shutter, The House, Natural Beauty, Plantation Shutter, Blinds

Sisters of St. Joseph, London Ontario

St Joseph, Engineer, Shutter, Ontario, Sisters, Canada, Plantation Shutter, Daughters, Big Sisters

Bungalow- London, Ontario

Street View, Bungalows, Shutters, Ontario, Screens, Touring, Canada, Sunroom Blinds, Shades

Southside Animal Clinic, London Ontario

Animal Clinic, Shutter, Ontario, Canada, Plantation Shutter, Blinds

Weekend Adventures!

Weekend Adventures!

Charlie Bit Me

Shutter, Puppies, Puppys, Plantation Shutter, Cubs, Doggies, Blinds, Pup

Fall Tunnel

Shutters, Ontario, Paisajes, Sunroom Blinds, Shades, Window Shutters, Plantation Shutter, Blinds, Shutterfly

A Solemn Sky

Contrary to popular belief, we do actually have paved roads here in Mississippi. And we’re lucky enough to have beautiful scenery to enjoy while driving on them.

Merry Christmas!

May all of your intentions manifest for your greatest good. From My Whole Heart, Merry Christmas Angela M.

Sun Kissed

What started as a fairy tale, turned into a nightmare when I realized that my husband, John, didn’t complete me.

Stay Focused

Stay Focused, Shutter, Racing, Auto Racing, Lace, Plantation Shutter, Blinds