L03 Little Lamp

L03 Little Lamp

L12 Flowers

In Photoshop I color corrected this image, it had an overcast of orange color.

L12 Doll

In Photoshop I color corrected this image. It had a very bad yellow color overcast.

L12 Orchid

In Photoshop color corrected this photo. Original photo was off colored with an overcast of yellow (a little brownish).

L12 Ship

In Photoshop I corrected the color on this ship. The original photo was very muddy looking and had no contrast, also off color.

L11 House

There were wires in the sky and all over the house, removed them, some wavy-ness but got the idea

L11 Grandmom

Restoring a damaged image is tricky and hard work! I am amazed at how this looks though.

L11 Treegirl

Editing in Photoshop to clean up a photo. Took an arm out of lower right corner and filled in with more leaves.

L09 Type and Effects

Type and Effects

L08 Gradient

L08 Gradient

L07 Brush Assignment - after

Brush Assignment - after

L07 Brush Assignment - before

Brush Assignment - after