Steve Schapiro, Three Men, New York, 1961

Steve Schapiro, Three Men, New York, 1961 Born in New York City in Steve Schapiro agraduated from Bard College. Schapiro’s photographs were included in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s

By Tim Walker

Lily Cole and Giant Pearls by Tim Walker You know it’s a Tim Walker photograph when you see it! Each photograph is like a dream or a fairytale, so beautiful I could stare at them for ever.

vintage mugshots black and white (17)

Mug shot of William Stanley Moore, 1 May Central Police Station, Sydney. This picture appears in the Photo Supplement to the NSW Police Gazette, 28 July, 1926 captioned: “Opium dealer. Operates with large quantities of faked opium and cocain.

I am water. I came from the water. I move with the water and speak its language. It will bear me along through life and close over me in death. Air is the ocean I sometimes swim in, dreaming of my true home.

A lengthy exposure is the reason so many old photo subjects look so serious.  It's easier to hold a neutral pose than a smile for any length of time.  Salsbury (1846-1902) was an actor and promoter, notable for his time with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.  This is evidently a promotional photo for a comedic play.

laughter, a relative of mine, Nate Salsbury. He became friends with Buffalo Bill Cody and they established the 'Buffalo Bill Wild West Show' and traveled the World! Laughter is the peacefully Roar

No século XIX ainda não havia Photoshop mas ainda assim, William Hope produz as primeiras fotos (falsas) de fantasmas.

As primeiras fotografias de fantasmas

styling is by Yilmaz Aktepe Photography is by Elizaveta Porodina

The German Gala magazine is featuring a stunning portrait type editorial – SO SCHOEN WIE GEMALT, which mirrors the famous Mexican Painter Frida Kahlo, shot by Elizaveta Porodina.

David et Myrtille

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