keoni | 006

keoni-chan: It’s (almost) Justsimaround’s birthday, so I made him a gift :) Happy birthday JSA!

windkeeper's Bunny Ears

Bunny ears - male and female accessories for all ages, including toddlers. Can be combined with other accessories. Found in TSR Category 'Accessories'

Mistress Mysterium Hat Recolors | Skell

whattheskell: “ Thank you to rented-space for converting this “Night at the Opera” dress for me! It reminds me of Rose’s “Flying Gown” from Titanic, so of course I had to do one in velvety cobalt.

4t2 bunny slippers as accessory by chere

Here we have another accessory mesh. This time I used the bunny slippers converted form by Veranka. It works for both female and male, from teen to elder. It comes in all original colors plus one I edited.

Cous' Sim Bits | 3t2 conversion of modishkitten's rosie front tie bandana

GoS: AF conversion of modishkitten's Rosie tie-front bandana