Transitional Stone from Artistic Tile, Model: Leaves Gris

Shades of Gray: Kitchen and Bathroom Trend - This dark gray sculptural stone tile features an undulating pattern inspired by nature. Called Ziva, each tile is hand carved and uses a combination of a polished and a honed finish.

Interlam - MDF - Wavy Wall Panels  - 3d Wall Panels - Decorative Wall Panels

Interlam is the innovator and the leading manufacturer of decorative, and carved wall panels and the Supplier of the colored MDF, ForesColor.

fabric casting

Fabric Casting

BRANCHING STRUCTURES CAST Sculpture Full scale Y column Structures that divide and spread to gather or distribute loads are found everywhere in Nature

Ceramic Floral Tiles Designs by Lafabbrica Spa - 3D Tiles

ceramic floral tiles that is manufactured by Lafabbrica Spa in Italy makes this effect appear when we look at it by simply alternating relief flowers with holes in the shape of flowers – all of them on the same bathroom tile wall.

Brazilian design company Castelatto

Origami wallpaper by Brazilian design company Castelatto I love the feature - and the geometric pattern

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