Lover Dearest - Marianas Trench

Lover Dearest - Marianas Trench Who would have known that this song was written about Josh Ramsey's addiction to heroin! Mariana's trench ❤️❤️❤- idk what to do with this knowledge so I'm just going to sit here and cry

Josh Ramsay

Josh Ramsay - Marianas Trench- I'd love to hear him sing acoustic and tell me jokes. I'd also like to ask where his inspiration for all of his music comes from cause he can tell an amazing story. THAT TONGUE RING THOUGH!

The flying Ramsay ❤

Perfect porcelain - Josh's handwriting

I would love to get this tattooed on my ribs!

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This is actually such a cute picture.

Haha I love this interview when Matt, Ian, and Mike are walking past the camera and Josh calls them on it :p