bon genre

Le Bon Genre / Le troubadour jouant de six instrumens

Le Bon Genre

Le Bon Genre 91 Acrobats, a couple, dressed as a Pierrot and columbine, and their child perform for a lady and her daughter.

bon genre

Rollercoasters are nothing new. Witness this French plate ca.


Le Bon Genre – Parisian Social Life in the Early


Le Bon Genre a glimpse of period underwear, 1812


“Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.

bon genre

Le Bon Genre No 96 An open-air performance in Paris. An acrobat stands on his head on a table, while a man seated on a tree-stump fiddles and a boy dance


Full: Front Plate a couple of circus performers dancing on a rope, accompanied by a clown playing a lute. Hand-coloured etching © The Trustees of the British Museum