Plaines d'Abraham, ville de Québec, Québec

Plains of Abraham, Quebec City, Quebec - The Plains are visible at the top of the hill.

The Friendly Giant

The Friendly GIANT! Loved the miniature models he used that left wonderful memories for all children!

my mom would get mad when i played this for real in the grocery store. i guess the goal isn't to pile your cart full of random crap.

supermarket sweep---LOVED this game show! I always wanted to be on it

Mr. DressUp with Casey and Finnigan. Loved this show.

Dressup, Casey, and Finnigan! I can still hear the sound of him cutting construction paper and the sound of his marker on the drawing board.

Marguerite Bourgeoys (1620-1700) founded the Congregation of Notre Dame of Montréal. She lived in Fort Ville-Marie (now Montréal) as of 1653, educating young girls, the poor, and natives. She is also significant for developing one of the first uncloistered religious communities in the Catholic Church. She has been declared a saint by the Catholic Church.

Roman Catholics remember Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys, who not only founded a religious congregation, but was also instrumental in establishing the Canadian city of Montreal.

Bonhomme Carnaval

Quebec City, Montreal & Ottawa: Winter Carnival, High Lights Festival and Winterludes