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You better get that straight but I just might decide to do what you accuse me of just for the fun of it. I might decide to have some fun and leave you crying. I never followed you or loser into any restaurant. As a matter of fact I never was at any place he ever took you. I don't do trashy places. Just a fair warning. Shut the fuck up about things you don't know about, twist my posts to try to show you're better when in reality you're a pathetic joke and stop with your accusations that I…

Sarcasm is a natural quality. Funny people are sarcastic by birth. Now a days most of the comics content must contain sarcastic touch. Memes we found on our computer are incomplete without sarcastic m Bitch Quotes, Rebel Quotes, How I Feel, Quotes To Live By, Bad Mood Quotes, Encouragement, Inspirational Quotes, Words, Hilarious Memes

Lmaoooo this is exactly how I feel when ppl say they don't like me ✋✋✋. No one cares BYEEE!!

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I've got real weapons for you. Go on and throw your stone, I've been looking for an excuse to use some of this shit!