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a little boy sitting on top of an inflatable pool with cars and checkered flags
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three bottles of liquid sitting on top of a table
16th Birthday Driving Party Celebration
16th Driving Party for a Teenage Boy @michellepaigeblogs.com
two t - shirts with the words pit crew and birthday boy on them sitting on a carpet
Two Fast Birthday Shirts
a young boy laying on the floor next to a toy car track that has cars all over it
a table topped with lots of balloons and cars
21 Blaze and the Monster Machines Party Ideas
Hot wheels track
Since this was a three year olds birthday party I didn’t invite that many people over. I knew I would have just a few younger kids at the party so I ended up buying this Hot Wheels ramp and it was the hit of the party. Even my 14 year old nephew got into it and loved seeing which Hot Wheel car was the fastest. You can see a video of them playing with it below.
an entry way decorated with orange and black cones, checkered flags, and balloons
SAROM INspired
Race Car Birthday – SAROM INspired
some food is sitting on a table with checkered cloth and paper bags next to it
Hotwheels, Racing, Boy Birthday Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 7 of 30
marshmallow treats are arranged on sticks with candy
Transportation Party Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 9 of 11
a long table with plates and cups on it is set up for a race car themed birthday party
Fiesta hot wheels