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Gingerbread Advent cookies

Make your own gingerbread Advent biscuits with icing designs for Christmas using this easy recipe. As well as an afternoon snack, they make a great gift

Bullet Journal : Bullet Journal Grid Notebook: Get Productive With This Bullet Journaling System

Bullet Journal : Bullet Journal Grid Notebook: Get Productive With This Bullet Journaling System: Bienvenue

A Journey of Intentional Self Improvement

Control your life, fulfill your dreams. Anything is possible with self discipline and the right tools. Made for you and optimized for our modern, fast paced, interconnected world. After all, all successful people share one characteristic - grit.

Learn how to improve your time management skills

Want to get things done and be able to look proudly at what we have achieved? To do that, simply learn some effective time management skills!

Pro Management Tips

As someone who works full time, blogs and works as a freelance designer, I’m always juggling different tasks and trying to eek as many hours out of the day as I can. In the process of trying to max…

Eisenhower Matrix Guide and Printable

The Eisenhower Matrix is a method of task prioritization based off urgency and important. This post teaches you how to use an Eisenhower Matrix.

Most people procrastinate - some more than others. Procrastination is not laziness, but a potentially serious condition that might be managed. Willpower doesn’t work. But the systems do. 10+ tips on how to help yourself when you know you procrastinate.

How to stop procrastinating. Best tips backed by psychology.

What is procrastination? Why do we procrastinate? How does it work and how to stop procrastinating. Check out the best tips backed by science.

Tired of falling behind during the week? Your week doesn't have to be stressful. Here are 21 things you can do on Sunday to maximize your time and skyocket your productivity. Set your week up for success with these Sunday habits. #sunday #productive

21 Sunday Habits For A Productive Week | The Morning Buzz

Are you afraid of falling behind in the week? Your Monday doesn't have to be stressful. Here are 21 Sunday habits you can do to set your week up for success.

Easy & Creative Bullet Journal Banners | Masha Plans

Simple Bullet Journal banners to add some extra decoration to your titles and headers. Simple step-by-step tutorials to add creativity to your Bullet Journal pages.