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the cover of must - have gardening tools for beginners, with images of garden tools
Must-Have Gardening Tools for Beginners
Unveil the gardener in you with these essential tools! 🌼🌱 Whether it’s planting with a dibber, digging with a hand trowel, aerating soil with a cultivator, pruning with shears, tackling branches with loppers, or detailed trimming with garden scissors - we’ve got you covered. Plus, keep all of your greens happy with a classic watering can. Dive into our boards for more gardening tips and tricks! #GardenEssentials #GreenThumbGoals #OutdoorOasis #GardenCoach #GardenConsulting #SmallGardenZen
Before & After: My Raised Bed Revolution
🌿🍆 From sparse to spectacular, discover the steps taken to transform a backyard raised bed into a thriving vegetable garden. Embrace the joy of growing your own food and the beauty of a garden full of life. 🌽🍅 Get inspired this #NationalGardeningDay and start your own garden story. #VeggieGarden #GardenTransformation #GardenConsultant #GardenCoach #SmallGardenZen
a poster showing the different types of plants
Vegetable and Herb Gardening 101
a poster with different types of vegetables and their names in english, french or spanish
Companion Planting 101