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Night by Elie Wiesel

18 books that stay with you all your life, including Night by Elie Weisel, a heartbreaking memoir that portrays the horrors of the Holocaust.

This is literally, and I actually mean LITERALLY, me.

True, I used to take my book to recess (back when I had it) and one day the fire alarm went off while we were outside and we had to stay out there for nearly 15 minutes and I just read the entire time.

Rhubarb Custard Bars - Rhubarb and cream cheese, can't get much better than that! | Dulce Dough Recipes

I have talked about my grandmother’s baking and her recipes in past posts on Dulce Dough.t help but think of her every single time .

What's the difference between a Latte & a Latte Macchiato? | 1912 Pike

What's the difference between a Latte & a Latte Macchiato?: Comparing the Latte Macchiato to the Latte

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