These traditional Newfoundland fish cakes have been made for countless generations using the most basic of ingredients like potatoes, salt fish and onions. Check the recipe page for a new twist that turns them into Eggs Benedict for your weekend brunch!

Newfoundland Fish Cakes

Grandmother's Buttermilk Cornbread - It came out perfect. I am so pleased ! Tasty, just sweet enough, moist, and a keeper !

"Grandmother's Buttermilk Cornbread" -- 'course, depends who your grandma is. There are 1 million types of cornbread, and 1 million grandmothers, and whichever two aligned in your family tree you probably think is the best.

Top Ten Newfoundland Recipes - Rock Recipes -The Best Food & Photos from my St. John's, Newfoundland Kitchen.

Newfoundland Jam Jams from Purity Factories are an institution here. Here& a recipe for my homemade version of this local molasses and jam cookie classic.

Savoury Stuffing or "Dressing"

Newfoundland Traditional "Dressing" Savoury Stuffing - Rock Recipes -The Best Food & Photos from my St.

Discovering Newfoundland Food and Historic Charm

Discovering Newfoundland food with its emphasis on cod, hardtack and other historic Canadian coastal classics.

Rock Recipes Newfoundland Ham and Split Pea Soup with Doughboy.

Newfoundland Style Ham and Split Pea Soup with Dough Boys - Rock Recipes -The Best Food & Photos from my St. Lave out ham/salt beef