The visiting Canadians around here come when the exchange rate is in their favor. Only two distinguishing characteristics are Ontario plates and the use of the word 'eh.' A good people.

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Keep Calm and love Canada. Sometimes I wish I were a Canadian. ^^^ this was the original caption. I always wish I was Canadian! <<< I am a proud Canadian, and I love this country! "The true north strong and free.

The Sleeping Giant Situated on Sibley Peninsula in Lake Superior in Ontario, Canada is usually a lengthy rock formation of mesas and sills that resembles a sleeping giant laying down on its back when the formation is viewed from across the water in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The dramatic cliffs that form component of the Sleeping Giant rise as high as 800 feet in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park.

Lost Gardens of Heligan- sculpture of a sleeping goddess entitled ‘Mud Maid.

Moose Crossing!

Moose in Canada are very energetic so you must be very careful when driving on our highways

On my bucket list: Swimming with polar bears at Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat in Ontario!!

Polar Bear Habitat and Heritage Village in Cochrane Ontario allows people to swim (with a glass panel between) with polar bears.