Chocolate Spider Web Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing

Looking for Halloween baking inspiration? Then try these moist and whimsical cupcakes topped with a cream cheese icing. Get this recipe from Sobeys.

Halloween Bug Punch

Hosting a Halloween party? Try our Halloween Bug Punch recipe. The added tapioca is sure to spook your guests with its gooey texture. Watch their eyes as they take a sip of this delicious and witchy drink.

Halloween Boo Bark

This Halloween make your own homemade candy. Try our Halloween Boo Bark recipe from Sobeys.

Halloween Gravestone Cookies

Make Halloween even more festive by baking our Halloween Gravestone Cookies. The "dripping blood" icing adds a fun scary feature!

Peanut Brittle Apple Pops

For an Indulgent version of candy apple that is easy to make and even easier to eat, try our Peanut Brittle Apple Pops recipe. This dish is sweet, crunchy and fun to make with your kids for halloween.

Striped Pudding Parfait with “Dirt” Topping

Striped Pudding Parfait with “Dirt” Topping - Sobeys Inc.

Green Marshmallow Slime Popcorn

Transform classic popcorn into a fun and delicious treat for Halloween with our Green Marshmallow Slime Popcorn recipe.

Bag of Bones Treat Mix

This Bag of Bones Halloween Snack Mix is a simple and unique treat bag for all the little goblins in the neighborhood.

Red Velvet Halloween Cupcakes

Red Velvet Halloween Cupcakes - Sobeys Inc.

Bat Sugar Cookies

Our Bat Sugar Cookies recipe is the perfect Halloween themed treat that your little goblins will enjoy. Try this recipe with a variety of scary cookie-cutters.

Graveyard Freakshake

Graveyard Freakshakes - Sobeys Inc.

Witch Freakshake

Melted Witch Freakshakes - Sobeys Inc.