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a person's hand reaching for something in the water with bubbles on their fingers
For Italian Photographer Alessia Morellini, The Beauty Is In The Detail - IGNANT
three people standing on top of a large rock next to the ocean at night time
a man swimming in the water with his head above the water's surface, looking down
some people are sitting on top of a building and having dinner together in the city
an open window covered in white fabric next to a curtain on the side of a building
The Edit #005
The Edit #005 – New Classics Studios
two motorcycles are parked on the back of a boat
Visual Overdose #2 | Jebiga Design & Lifestyle
Motorbikes being transported on a boat
a woman looking out the window of a bus at an intersection with traffic lights and buildings
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sunlight shining through the window in a dark room
Sarah Ellem.
a person sitting in a chair looking out the window
this isn't happiness.
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