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Sonia Dougherty

Sonia Dougherty
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Coconut Oil Uses And Benefits You Never Knew | The WHOot

Coconut Oil Bath Spa Recipe - Once a week for 20 minutes, soak in bath with cup coconut oil, 10 drops lavendar essential oil, and 1 cup epsom salts. This combo draws out toxins, balances ph levels and brings back balance into your being.

Frugal Date Friday: Spa Night At Home

Frugal Date Friday - Southern SaversThis week for Frugal Date Friday we are going to relax from all of the Christmas festivities with a spa night at home. You can do manicures, pedicures, and back rubs.

The DIY Detox Bath – Have a Home Spa Day And Soak Away Aches, Pains, Harmful Toxins, Pesticides And Heavy Metals

Detox treatments have shown to have many benefits and as a result people have more aware of them. Just as your car needs its oil changed, our bodies also need